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Gratitude Amid Scarcity: A Perspective Tale

Hey there, reader! Have you ever found yourself longing for more, even when what you need is right in front of you? It's a feeling we all experience from time to time – the scarcity mindset. But what if we could shift our perspective and find contentment in the present moment? Join me on a journey as we explore this mindset through the lens of volunteerism and a simple meal.

Picture this: It's early morning, and a group of dedicated volunteers is gathered at the Denver Rescue Mission's cafeteria service line. We're ready to serve breakfast to over 400 homeless individuals. Each of us has a specific role, and the assembly line is in full swing.

On the menu for the day are predetermined portions of oatmeal, sliced ham, bread, and orange slices – a meal designed to nourish and sustain. Everything is running smoothly until we reach the 300th guest, and the sliced ham runs out. Without missing a beat, the kitchen staff makes a quick decision, and child-size containers of yogurt become the new protein source.

From an outsider's perspective, everything seems fine – the meal is being served efficiently. But here's where the scarcity mindset comes into play. The guests who received ham initially had no idea that yogurt would replace it for others. And when some of them saw yogurt containers appearing on plates further down the line, they began to inquire, "Can I have yogurt?"

When they were told that they couldn't have yogurt because they had already received ham, you could sense their disappointment and frustration. It's a natural human reaction – the desire for something different when we perceive others getting it.

As someone who has volunteered at the Denver Rescue Mission many times, I've had the privilege of witnessing the dynamics of the place. It's a microcosm of the world at large, with a diverse mix of personalities, expectations, and interactions. The staff does their best with the resources available to them, just like individuals and organizations outside the nonprofit world.

The lesson here is simple yet profound: be grateful for what you have, whether it's ham or yogurt, and receive it with grace. It's a reminder that scarcity is a mindset we can all fall into, and judging others is often too easy.

Now, let's flip the script for a moment. Imagine 'someone' who has a stable home, a successful career, and financial security. Perhaps they recently made a purchase they were excited about – a new purse, car, or house. They were content until someone in their social circle acquired something similar, but bigger and better.

Sound familiar? It's a scenario that many of us can relate to. Just like the homeless individuals in the ham versus yogurt story, feelings of disappointment and frustration can creep in when we compare ourselves to others.

So, what's the takeaway here? Regardless of where we are in life, it's essential to recognize the potential for scarcity thinking and to choose gratitude instead. The story could change, circumstances could shift, and suddenly, the 'shoe might fit' differently.

In the end, wouldn't it be wonderful if there was plenty for everyone? If every person had a home and enough food to eat? Let's dream of a world where scarcity becomes a thing of the past, and gratitude prevails.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of perspective and gratitude. It's a reminder that we have the power to change our mindset and find contentment in the present moment.


Gratitude for Your Time!
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