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Finding FLOW: Adventures, Healing, and the Journey to Wellness

 Welcome to FLOW's Inaugural Blog!

Picture us together in my cozy loft office, where I'm penning these words in the early morning hours (I'm a terrible sleeper). The soothing melodies of calming music drift from my iPhone, while the air is filled with the comforting scent of a fragrant candle. As I sip ginger-lemon tea from my cherished monogrammed mug—a gift from my son—I imagine you right here with me, enjoying your favorite drink.

Just rolled out of bed, I'm sporting messy hair, pink plaid PJs, and fuzzy slippers—feeling warm and snug on this chilly Colorado morning. Outside, a blanket of snow adorns the ground, and the darkness envelops the landscape, with no hint of sunrise visible yet. Seated in a leather chair, legs crisscrossed in lotus pose (yoga habits die hard), I steal a glance at the Rockies through the second-story windows.

Creating FLOW over these past weeks has been an exhilarating journey. Teaming up with marketing maven Becky Mickletz (props, Becky!) has been a highlight, as together, we've brought my vision to life. While comparing FLOW to Monet might seem bold, it's my canvas, cultivated from seeds sown during the challenging time when my husband passed away five years ago.

Reflecting on the past 12 months, life's sudden changes have hit me like a storm. But that's what FLOW is all about—navigating the unexpected currents. There are no free passes for me on the hard hits, just lessons in embracing life's ebb and flow!

A glimpse of juicy parts in my life …

Ah, this time last year, I was enveloped in the enchanting charm of Carmel, California, alongside my dear friend Holly—a dedicated elementary school teacher indulging in a well-deserved spring break sojourn. Welcomed by mutual friends to their riverfront home in Carmel Valley, we found solace in the serenity of the guest cottage, nestled amidst towering trees and a front door adorned with a lemon tree dripping with ripe fruit. Truly enchanting!

Holly and I, kindred spirits bonded by our shared love for literature, nature, adventure, and the simple pleasures of life, discovered Carmel to be the ultimate haven. From coastal drives along Highway 1 to picturesque excursions to Carmel-by-the-Sea for leisurely beach walks, boutique shopping, wine tasting, and savoring delectable cuisine—each moment was a celebration of our shared passions. Mornings began with steaming cups of coffee, dedicated to reading and engaging in heartfelt conversations—a true embodiment of the joy found in shared experiences among friends! (Pro tip: Cultivate and cherish friendships—they're your source of joy in good times and unwavering support during life's challenges.)

Next stop: Kauai...

A month later, my bags were once again packed for another exhilarating adventure—my annual retreat to Kauai, my cherished home-away-from-home. Tucked away in an exclusive resort on the North Shore, my timeshare offers sweeping views of the breathtaking Hanalei Bay, cradled by majestic mountains. Among the myriad delights of Kauai, waking up to the symphony of birdsong remains a cherished highlight.

Kauai 2017, much like the years before, unfolded as an unforgettable chapter in my life's adventures. This time, my dear friend Julie joined me for her inaugural Kauai experience. Captivated by the island's enchantment, we became whirlwinds of activity—exploring pristine beaches, basking in sun-soaked days, embarking on barefoot beach walks, cautiously testing the waters for ocean swims (Julie opted to stay knee-deep, mindful of potential sharks), soaring through the skies on zip-lines, marveling at the island's beauty from a helicopter, teeing off on picturesque golf courses, setting sail on Catamaran excursions, trekking through lush trails, and immersing ourselves in the vibrant ambiance of local farmers markets. It was truly an adventure-packed vacation!

Amidst the tropical paradise of Kauai, Julie and I found ourselves dreaming up our next escapade—Bali! Bali, here we come!

But as life often does, it took an unexpected turn...

An extraordinary Kauai vacation morphed into an unexpected health saga—a real-life episode straight out of 'House.' For six challenging months, I battled a mysterious infection, arming myself with a toolkit of self-care practices. Through it all, joy became my guiding light—I found solace in the rhythm of Latin dancing and the serenity of aerial yoga. A rejuvenating escape to Aruba infused me with renewed energy, laying the foundation for the birth of FLOW.

Enter Ayurveda and Panchakarma—a transformative journey toward holistic healing beckoning me to Bali. Embarking on this solo adventure, I find myself embracing an ode to health, a personal rendition of 'Eat, Pray, Love.' Stay tuned for the tales that unfold as I embark on the ultimate quest to restore my body's balance—I Choose Health!


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