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Bali Unveiled: A Virtual Journey into Culture, Healing, and Magic


Explore my Bali journey. The story's highlight? The profound impact a man from the US had on someone worlds away in Bali, Indonesia. Dive in and relish the tale!

Captivating photos by Debbie Fox adorn this blog.


Translating my whirlwind Bali experiences into words after days of non-stop adventure! The 35-hour journey from Colorado, U.S., to One World Ayurveda in Ubud exceeded expectations. Aisle seats and strategic planning alleviated travel fatigue. Now, let's delve into the arrival experience.

Post-customs, the airport arrivals area greeted me with a sea of 100+ drivers, all holding signs. Grateful for the resort's detailed instructions, locating my driver amidst the crowd became a breeze.



Wayan, holding a sign with the resort name, welcomed me with a familiar smile, making it seem like a reunion of old friends. He easily identified me amidst the bustling crowd of travelers, and we promptly embarked on the 2-hour journey to the resort.

Intrigued by Bali's unique charm, my first impression was the sheer number of people, despite being informed that it's less populated than other Indonesian islands. Navigating through the 4+ million residents on scooters and cars proved to be an adventurous experience. Wayan, our skilled driver, expertly maneuvered through the synchronized chaos of Bali's roads, reminiscent of a video game. The constant interplay between vehicles and scooters, with bold drivers claiming their space, added an exhilarating touch to our entire 2-hour drive until we reached the serene road leading to our final destination.


My long-awaited destination, One World Ayurveda (OWA), emerged before me, nestled amidst lush tropical greenery. The captivating scenery unfolded with breathtaking flowers, bushes, and trees, creating a feast for the eyes.

The resort, adorned with gardens cultivating vegetables and herbs for culinary delights and holistic treatments, featured stone pathways meandering down steep slopes, inviting exploration of its multiple tiers of lodging. The air resonated with the soothing sounds of fountains, streams, and the vibrant nature surrounding the forest. My senses reveled in this sensory haven, bringing forth an uncontainable smile.

Choosing this sanctuary for my medical detox was undoubtedly the right decision after months of illness in 2017. The series of delightful 'ah's' continued as the resort guide led me to my home-away-from-home for the next three weeks.

Welcomed by opulence, the room embraced me with its natural interior aesthetics—marble floors, floor-to-ceiling slate in the walk-in shower, and furnishings made from teak and natural woods. The king-size bed, dressed in pristine white linens and an assortment of pillows, showcased mosquito netting gracefully drawn during the nightly turn-down service.

In the dressing area, a set of amenities awaited: a green cotton robe, comfortable slippers, and neatly folded sarongs provided for treatments, as the herbal oils used could stain clothing. Additionally, a white linen kurta pajama was available for leisurely strolls around the resort. Packing was a breeze with minimal personal clothing required—my suitcase primarily filled with yoga attire for daily morning and late afternoon sessions.

 In front of a window overlooking the pool, a simple wooden desk adorned with art supplies provided moments of relaxation between treatments. An elegant copper pitcher with a matching cup, promoting mineral leaching into water, was a thoughtful touch for hydration. Throughout the room, welcoming accessories showcased the care and attention to detail by the resort owners. A comfortably-sized balcony with views of the pool and the open-air yoga shala just below became my favorite spot for reading and writing, surrounded by dense tropical vegetation and a tiered rice field just around the corner.

Wayan and fellow Balinese acquaintances have generously shared fascinating insights during my brief stay.

In Bali, villages often specialize in specific trades, with one focused on artists and another on silver makers. Families adopt a unique approach to meals, preparing a single large morning meal intended to last the entire day, without assigned times for communal eating. Balinese families, extended in nature, cohabit until death, and married women typically join their husband's family. The island follows a caste system with four levels, dictating an individual's societal place for life. Additionally, naming conventions are predetermined at birth, taking into account factors such as caste, gender, and birth order.


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