The Creation of FLOW with Debbie Fox

The Creation of FLOW with Debbie Fox

Have you ever felt intuition nudging (sometimes pushing) you in a new direction? When something outside of yourself tells you your gifts are needed elsewhere?

That’s what's happening to me now.

The nudge began during a difficult time in my life – 2013, when my husband, Mike, died. It started as a small voice in my head beckoning me to write about Mike’s tremendous courage battling his disease and peaceful surrender when the battle was lost. Writing, to share how hard and painful it was for me to walk along his side. The helplessness I felt witnessing his physical decline and shocking pain experienced from the tsunami that pummeled me to the ground after his death. That small voice has changed since 2013, but it won’t leave me alone, spurring me into action as a writer.

Since Mike died I’ve been unbecoming who I was. My attention now redirected from things I thought were important to things that matter most. The gift of life, love, kindness, peace, joy, empathy, compassion, non judgment.

So, I ask you as I’ve asked myself …

What would our lives be like if we embraced the beautiful, unique people we’re meant to be? Believed that our fears are all lies? Accepted life at face value – its ebb and flow, twists and turns, uncertainty – knowing there will be hard hits, because none of us gets a pass? What if we recognized hard hits are temporary like life itself? But along the way we learned to believe in ourselves, took time to collect tools to navigate hard hits giving us courage to rise and move forward? What if we acknowledged that choices are available to each of us as we navigate life, with the potential to become someone other than we imagined ourselves to be?

This has become my reality – honoring and giving space to becoming someone I never imagined because of hard hits. Certainly, a work in progress, but there's some relief acknowledging that pain and discomfort are temporary, deliver wisdom, and through it all that we have choice.

So here we are … FLOW with Debbie Fox.

Why? Connection to each other. The priceless gift of being human. FLOW, a conduit to share stories intended to inspire and empower readers. Real-life stories of ordinary people who found a way to dig out of the muck. My stories, your stories, stories of others. A call to action to each of us acknowledging the ripple effect our lives have beyond ourselves, so why not create ripples beneficial to all living things?

There is no single philosophy, religion, recipe or list of ingredients that fits everyone. The beauty is you get to decide what’s right for you. FLOW is simply a conduit.

Thank You for Reading this Far! 

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