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Spreading Joy: Transformative Random Acts of Kindness in Bali

April 6th. A date etched in my heart. It's been five years [2018] since my husband, Mike, left this world. For many, just another day; for me, a journey from grief to acceptance.

Over time, I've adjusted to life without Mike, finding comfort in my reinvented existence. Occasionally, tears fall, filled with gratitude for the profound love we shared—a beautifully imperfect marriage that made us incredibly fortunate.

This year, on April 6th, I find myself in Bali, Indonesia—9,100 miles away from friends and family, spanning as many as 15 time zones. I'm at an all-inclusive Ayurveda resort with a dozen other guests. Despite our unique medical conditions, common experiences quickly forged connections, evolving acquaintances into friendships.

I shared the importance of April 6th with some fellow guests. While there wasn't an in-depth conversation since none of them knew Mike or me at that point, there was a sense of empathy and understanding among them regarding the significance of the day for me. 

April 6th arrived as expected. I spent the day reflecting on memories of Mike, allowing the anticipated tears to flow. Gradually, the sadness shifted, transforming into a celebration of the loving memories we shared.

As I awoke in the morning, nestled comfortably in bed, the distant sound of a bell echoed through the resort, calling guests to rise and shine. With 45 minutes until yoga, I eagerly prepared, changed into my yoga attire, and strolled to the open-air yoga Shala overlooking Bali’s breathtaking Tegallalang Rice Terrace

Choosing a yoga mat, I was approached by Sarah from Switzerland. A warm smile adorned her beautiful face as she handed me a paper scroll, delicately tied with a single strand of thread.

Unrolling the scroll revealed a multi-colored heart painted by Sarah with watercolors from each guest's room. At the top of the paper, Sarah inscribed this quote:

"Let the beauty of what you LOVE be what you do." ~Rumi

Below the heart Sarah penned the date ...

~ Friday, 6 April 2018

As I embraced Sarah with an appreciative hug, the significance of her gift sank in. I became the recipient of a beautiful random act of kindness. My heart warms every time I reflect on that moment when Sarah’s heart touched my soul.

Equally touching was her personal inscription etched on the back of the painting:

A touching moment when an acquaintance, in a random act of kindness, not only noticed my emotional vulnerability but also took action, using one of her many gifts to paint a heart symbolizing the love lost when Mike passed away. She inscribed a quote from Rumi, urging me to live life forward: “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

Sarah also knew I was starting a new business venture, creating FLOW and publicly proclaiming inspirational writing as my passion. The beauty of what I love is now what I do.

Can you imagine how I felt in that moment? How I feel now? How many future April 6ths I'll remember Sarah's beautiful random act of kindness?

Sarah Madeleine Kappeler, a beautiful, kind woman from Switzerland. A professional singer and stage performer publicly sharing her talents with the world. Empathetic, purposeful, and intuitive privately sharing her heart with another woman (me) from the other side of the planet.

Sarah helped diminish my feeling of being alone that day. Unknowingly, she also honored Mike through her random act.

I was not alone on April 6th. I’m never truly alone because, even though my family and friends were 9,100 miles away on that day, I was on their minds and in their hearts. And so was Mike.

Even if those who knew Mike might not remember the exact date of his passing, they undoubtedly recall his vibrant smile, easygoing nature, and lighthearted, gentle spirit when reminded.

A crucial takeaway, my dear readers: our actions hold significance.

Following our feelings, emotions, and intuition opens doors to create numerous ripples. Simple acts of kindness, like wearing a smile when greeting a stranger, letting someone cut in line, or helping with packages, are opportunities to make a difference. From painting a heart on paper to various expressions of kindness, we can share our hearts privately and publicly, uplifting the spirits of both the intended and unintended recipients.

On the last evening before Sarah bid farewell to the resort, she treated us to the enchanting sound of her beautiful voice. Singing a cappella in German, the lyrics were unfamiliar to me. Yet, as she poured emotions through her angelic voice, it became clear that Sarah was singing a love song. With a reflective expression, head tilted, and eyes closed, she skillfully let her vocal gift flow outward. Pausing strategically, she allowed the music to permeate the air, her emotions resonating directly into our hearts. It was a performance that was not only loving, touching, and memorable but also a testament to the power of her musical artistry.

A Call to Action – Spread the Love

How can we make a positive impact today and every day?
  • Acts – random, intentional, planned, and spontaneous
  • Kindness – considerate, helpful, gentle, and affectionate

Share your warmth near and far, with acknowledgment, and equally important, without announcement.

 Sarah, thank you for that unforgettable moment in Bali, forever imprinted in my memory. Our souls connected because you noticed and acted in a way that still resonates with me.

You are strong, wonderful, and vulnerable – a true woman. We both grasp the meaning of these words, having lived enough life to recognize and honor the strength that arises from vulnerability.

Gratitude for Your Time!
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