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Navigating Life's Playlist: A Vibes-Centric Approach to Success

Dive into the journey of a Vibe Curator in this blog! Discover the art of living with vibes, embracing flexibility, and creating a playlist of positivity. Spice up your days with spontaneity, celebrate every win, and join the vibrant dance through life's playlist. Your move, your moment -- let's vibe together and make every beat count! #FlexAndFlox #CelebrateWins

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Sisterhood by the Sea: Anticipating Resilience and Joy

Crisp, ocean breeze blew through the patio door filling the room with salty scent. In response, deeper, rhythmic breaths kicked in accompanied by sounds of gratification... ahh. Anticipation eagerly magnified knowing friends would soon walk through the door. Traveling from various places for time together in Southern California, their scene was set for enchanting time by the sea . . .

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The Soul's Spark: A Glimpse in Joan's Eyes

In the quiet moments of life's transitions, we often discover the most profound truths. Joan's story taught me that even in the face of physical decline, a vibrant soul can continue to shine through one's eyes. It's a reminder that empathy and compassion can bridge the gaps that discomfort creates, allowing us to witness the beauty that resides in each person's unique journey

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