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The Soul's Spark: A Glimpse in Joan's Eyes

 "Our eyes are like windows to your soul. They shine and bedazzle as the stars do in the sky! They are like diamonds that mesmerize the person looking at them... Your eyes speak volumes to me in unsaid words." — Avijeet Das

In a quiet hallway, just outside a dimly lit room, I found myself standing, my heart racing with anticipation. It was a momentous occasion, a part of my training to become an 11th Hour volunteer with Denver Hospice. My mission for the day was simple: shadow John, a seasoned hospice volunteer, and complete my training. But beyond that, it was a personal quest to witness the profound journey of a soul at the end of life.

Dressed casually in jeans, a cozy sweater, and ankle boots, I was ready for what lay ahead. As I stood there, John began to prepare me for the encounter we were about to experience. The stillness hung in the air, heavy with the weight of what was to come.

On this particular day, our destination was Joan, a patient at Denver Hospice's treatment center. Before we entered her room, John shared a small but significant detail about Joan – her deep love for her cat.

With a deep breath, we entered the room. Joan lay in her hospital bed, her face wearing an expression of weariness, her body frail and slight. After our initial introductions, I gently asked Joan about her beloved cat. In an instant, something incredible happened. Her eyes, which had appeared lifeless and sad just moments before, came alive.

With excitement and joy, Joan eagerly presented a photo of her cherished feline companion. What I will forever remember is the way her eyes sparkled with life. Her entire face lit up as she shared stories of her precious furry friend. In that moment, it became crystal clear to me that, despite her declining body and the impending end of her earthly journey, Joan's soul was very much alive and vibrant.

Her eyes were the window to her soul, and they revealed a story of love, connection, and enduring spirit. It was a profound reminder that, when we look beyond the confines of a failing body, we can witness the essence of a person's soul.

This heartwarming experience taught me that sometimes, we need to look past our discomfort to truly see the beauty that lies within each individual. It challenges us to open gateways for empathy and compassion to lead the way. Imagine the immense power we hold to positively impact the journey of any soul when we choose to embrace the beauty within.

This story is a gift, an invitation to extend beyond our comfort zones and embrace the depth of human connection. It beckons us to look into the eyes of another and recognize the spark of life that dwells within, no matter the circumstances.

With love, Debbie Fox


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