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Social Responsibility | Featuring Denver Rescue Mission

Social Responsibility. Connection to others, personally and professionally. Supporting nonprofit organizations, family and friends in need, is as important now as always. The unexpected result from being of service to others is getting back more in return. How we live our life matters and is far reaching in the community.

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Random Acts of Kindness

April 6th. Just another date on the calendar for many. Significant to me because it marks the date my husband, Mike, died. Five years [2018] have passed since then. Thankfully, my grief lessened along the way transcending to acceptance. By this point I’ve lived long enough without Mike to become comfortable in my redesigned life. Tears of remembrance occasionally fall, mostly reflecting gratitude and appreciation for the love we shared. We were one of the lucky couples who experienced the deepest love possible – a perfectly, imperfect marriage. This year [2018] the 6th of April is different from the previous four because I’m "alone" in Bali, Indonesia – 9,100 miles away from friends and family, as many as 15-time zones...

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Ready, Set, Launch FLOW!

Welcome to FLOW's inaugural Blog I’m imagining you here with me in my loft office as I write in the wee hours of the morning (I’m a horrible sleeper). Compensating for the early hour, calming music plays from my iPhone and fragrance from a burning candle scents the air as I sip ginger-lemon tea from a monogrammed mug, a favorite gift from my son. In my mind, you’re with me sipping your favorite beverage. Having just rolled out of bed, my hair’s messy, I'm wearing pink plaid PJs and fuzzy slippers, warm and comfy on this cold Colorado morning. A dusting of snow blankets the ground. Sitting in a large leather desk chair, my legs are crisscrossed in lotus pose (I’m a yogi who’s challenged to...

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