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Are You Connected?

Life itself is a dance.

There are 7.6 billion humans on Planet Earth. No two alike. Each navigating personal and professional lives with countless interactions between family, friends, employers and complete strangers.

Communication in various forms is paramount and most effective when transcending to authentic connection. Connection, the magic of synergy from the exchange of information that produces a sum greater than individual’ efforts.

Let’s use Latin Dance as an analogy to the dance of life.

Everything about Latin dancing is exhilarating – the music, body movement, mental focus, connection between the lead and follow. A beautiful flow of skill and intuitive energy.

The dance of life brought Tom, a man from Nigeria, and Debbie, a woman from Michigan, together in Denver, Colorado where they assumed the roles of teacher and student; lead and follow – forming a partnership in Latin dance.

Subtleties of dance, like life, can easily be overlooked.

The lead offers a hand in trust. Once accepted by the follow, the dance begins. Music plays, flows through the lead who interprets the music sending cues to the follow.

Hand signals indicate turning left or right and the number of rotations. Arm movements send the same signals, guiding the follow forward, backwards. Eye contact and body language serve as additional cues when dancers face each other. There are times when pulling away allows space for individual interpretation. Also, times when not facing each other the established trust and connection provide the foundation for a successful outcome.

Apply the nuisances of Latin dance to your life. The many roles you play personally and professionally. Remember the analogy of Latin dance when you are leading – providing direction clearly understood by the follow. And when you are following, being open and flexible to receive the messages being communicated.

The result? Communication transcending to connection. A beautifully synchronized dance. The dance of life itself.

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  • Julie Graebel

    That was mesmerizing and inspiring! Thank you Debbie.

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